Using a Golfnow Hot Deals Promo Code to Get Golf Discounts

If you have a family, then you are probably like most other husbands and fathers out there, meaning you sometimes want to get away from it all. And what better way to relax for a few hours than to play golf? But finding ways to cut your spending on golf courses and tee times isn`t easy at all. This is where a GolfNow hot deals promo code will come into play.

About the GolfNow Hot Deals Promo Code

This code is a promotion deal that is released by GolfNow to the customers who are interested to join the GolfNow Rewards program. Through this loyalty program, frequent golfers can use this promotion code to get discounts on their reservations using GolfNow`s mobile app or by visiting the company`s official site.

How to Redeem these Codes?

This type of promotional code is only valid for a 1-time use and only for ninety days. The code can be used for any of GolfNow`s hot deals tee time bookings – they are easy to notice as they are marked with an orange icon. The date of expiration of your promotion code can be see after you log in to your personal account and then click on the GolfNow Rewards web page. To redeem your code, just keep these simple guidelines in mind:

  • Remember that your code is case-sensitive;
  • Your code is applicable to bookings of 1 to 4 golf players;
  • At the checkout page, you`ll notice a specific promotion code box;
  • Type your code in and then click on the “Apply” tab so your total order can be adjusted.

GolfNow Yes

Where to Find GolfNow Hot Deals Tee Times?

To be able to redeem your GolfNow promo code hot deals, you first need to find GolfNow tee times. To do that you`ll need to visit the Tee Time Hot Deals page, than choose the city where you live or you would want to play golf. You`ll then either browse through all the tee times deals by making a click on the Hot Deals button, or just browse each golf course and try to notice the orange icon located under the each tee time. You should also check the GolfNow`s hot deals page as often as possible because it gets updated rather frequently.

Tips to Consider When Using these Codes

Generally speaking, using these codes is a lot easier than you think. Still, there are certain things you need to consider first.

  • If you find any issues when redeeming your GolfNow promo code hot deals or your GolfNow promo code BOGO, you should just try to contact the company`s client service at 1 800 767 3574.
  • This type of codes aren`t transferable. They are generally tied to particular customer accounts and can`t be redeemed by other than the account holder.
  • A GolfNow BOGO promo code (Buy One, Get One Free) is one of the best codes released by GolfNow, but also one of the rarest codes. Such a code can only be used by 2 golf players. This code can`t be split into two single bookings.
  • Hot Deals promo codes include expiration dates and once they expire, they are no longer valid. For example, a GolfNow promo code September 2014 was only valid in the month for which it was released.


So what do you think? Is a GolfNow hot deals promo code the type of promotional deal you need to save on your golf tee time booking? If yes, simply go to your GolfNow account and make your booking to start playing golf. The more you play, the more you save and the more you relax!

An In-depth Look into NoMoreRack

On viewing the site for the first time, you may think it is hard to believe. You may even regard it as a scam but after learning about this site, believe or not, this site has been winner of “Site of the Year”.

NoMoreRack is Here to Stay!

Nomorerack is a big deal to the average online shopper as the website offers a very large list of items on various categories like electronics, clothing, home furnishing products, accessories, and a lot more – all of these items being offered in a low range of prices. We get kitchen appliances, crockeries here too. Both clothing range of men and women can be found here. Foot wears for women, including that of sneakers, stilettos, flip-flops, are also available in this shopping website. The website also provides men’s foot wears. All the products available in this website are branded.

How to Use the Site?

After visiting the website you are able to determine whether to sign up or not. The thing to keep in mind is that you have to go through the terms and conditions of the site as carefully as possible. This should be mostly because all the problems that you are likely to hear about in the Nomorerack reviews are about their terms and conditions. It is not that they are bad T&C’s, just that people haven’t understood the website. Once you’re happy with that, you can start bidding on those items that interest you. As previously told, this site has offers from branded tablets to high definition televisions and designer materials. In addition to such quality products, NMR also offers a great team of customer care representatives, those who love their job and promise us to provide quality products. An Unbiased Review

Special Gifts & Seasons Deals

Most deals that you`ll encounter on No More Rack are the so-called “Today`s Deals” that can be found on the site`s home page and which last for only 24 hours. But the site offers other types of deals as well. These are known as “Seasons Deals” and they are available only on summer season or around special holidays, like Christmas, Valentine`s Day or Easter. Customers are able to get special gifts and deals at “crazy” prices that include discounts of up to 90% off. This is one of the reasons for which many people started to have doubts regarding No More Rack, considering them to be a scam.

Mixed Nomorerack Reviews from Customers

There are customers who are dissatisfied with the site because of reasons like expired promo codes or delay in delivery. But there are a lot of happy customers who enjoy using the services of Nomorerack. We leave in an imperfect world, so as it all good things, it`s perhaps normal for negative critics to exist. Thus one should do their own research and then make a decision, and not necessarily only rating it according to the reviews.

No More Rack Scams? No Way!

Well, a while back at some point, there were a number of increased complaints related to product/service problems and delivery issues. It`s true at that at that particular time, NMR was a bit overwhelmed of the complaints received from its customers. But the company managed to resolve over 80% of those complaints which is more than many other brands bothered to do. And what is more important – the complaints had nothing to do with the promotional deals No More Rack has released.

So, as you can imagine, this wasn`t an issue related to scams. All companies have their ups and downs, so for NMR was simply a stage which the brand managed to overcome it.

Our Conclusion

By going through the site and paying attention to it’s terms and conditions, you should be able to save good amounts of cash when you sign up for Nomorerack and give it a try. The products enlisted on NMR can simply be considered a steal at these prices. So, weigh up the Nomorerack reviews that you read online, and get bargain hunting!

Smartipants Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway


If you know me at all, you know that I love to cloth diaper. Since my daughter was 4 months old, I have been exclusively cloth diapering and I’ve found that it works wonderfully well for me.

When I tell people that I use cloth diapers, many will ask me how I deal with certain “unpleasantries” of the task. It is true, even if the pros outweigh the cons, those cons can be a strong deterrent. But what if some of these cons were eliminated? Would you be interested then?

Recently I found a diaper that has made some of the unpleasant tasks of cloth diapering so much easier. Smartipants is a smartly designed diaper that I have completely fallen in love with. It is by far the best cloth diaper I have used and If I ever find the need to buy more, I will be purchasing this brand. Here are some of my favorite things about this special diaper:

smartipants pocket
No more separating! The Smartipants is considered a pocket diaper which means that there is an washable, absorbent  insert that slides into a “pocket” of the diaper. With every other pocket diapers, you have to separate the soiled insert before washing… but not with Smartipants. It’s been specially designed to separate itself in the wash! Trust me, one of the grosses things about cloth diapering is having to handle the soiled diaper, but the Smartipants diaper has completely eliminated that job. I was a little skeptical about the validity of this amazing claim, but it truly does work. Every time I’ve washed this diaper it’s separated itself and has come out looking and smelling clean. I just love it!

No more rinsing! Another very unpleasant task for me has been rinsing my diapers. However, the special lining in the Smartipants diaper not only absorbs and traps wetness, it also repels solids. You won’t have to rinse or scrape out the diaper when your child has a bowel movement! Just hold it over the toilet and shake; the solids fall right out! I couldn’t wait to test this out and found myself urging my daughter to “make a poopie” in her diaper. Finally, we got a really good one and I ran to the bathroom to see how well it would come out. Sure enough, with just one shake, the solids just fell into the toilet. Never have I been so happy to flush a poopie!

smartipants leak

No more leaks! The diaper also features Leak Guard Technology that prevents any leaks. I can attest to the fact that this does indeed work. Due to a situation beyond my control, my daughter ended up wearing this diaper for almost 3 hours. With my other cloth diapers, we would have had a leak for sure. But this diaper held everything in! This mommy was both happy and impressed.

So honestly, with this diaper, you never have to even touch any waste at all. It’s just as easy as using disposables only instead of throwing them away, you simply toss them into the wash. It’s so simple!

Besides these innovative features, this diaper has also adapted a few more of my favorite features including:

smartipants snap

Adjustable sizing: Long-lasting snaps allow you to create the best fit for your child and will enable you to use this diaper from birth to potty training.

smartipants waterproof

Waterproof exterior: The outside is completely waterproof providing extra protection for heavy wetters.

smartipants elastic
Gentle elastic: Used on the back and around the legs, gentle elastic provides both comfort and the best possible fit for every child.

smartipants banner

Great look: Smartipants comes in 7 trendy colors making this diaper both practical and adorable.

smartipants kara

So, if I haven’t said so already, I LOVE this diaper and I’m thrilled to offer you, my readers, a chance to win one for yourself. That’s a $14.95 value! Here’s how to win:

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite part about Smartipants diapers. This must be done first for any other entries to count.

2. Follow me on GFC. Leave a comment telling me that you did so. (Top right column)

3. Subscribe to my blog by email: found on the sidebar. This will be verified

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7. “Like” Smartipants on Facebook and write on their wall that Mother on a Mission sent you. Leave a comment telling me that you did so.

8. Write about this giveaway on your Facebook status. Leave a comment telling me that you did so.

9. Grab my button and put it somewhere visible on your blog. This must be visible when the giveaway ends. Leave a comment telling me that you did so. If you already have my button on your blog, just leave a comment letting me know.

Be sure to include your email address in each comment so I have some way to contact you if you win. I’ll be choosing the winner of this giveaway via on August 11. Have fun and good luck to you all.

Disclosure: This review is entirely my own unbiased opinion of these products. You may or may not agree with my opinion. While I was sent these products as samples to review, no one at Smartipants influenced my writing this post; nor was I paid to write this review.

Being Frugal for Contact Wearers

contact-lensWhen I was 5 years old, I was given my first pair of glasses and have worn corrective lenses ever since. From kindergarten till 8th grade I wore large framed glasses – you remember the type; the ones that covered half of the face and garnered pity from everyone around. I dearly love my mother, but looking back at my pictures from those days makes me seriously wonder what she was thinking to allow me to wear such glasses. She insists they were cute, but I know better.

Anyway, I begged my parents to allow me to wear contact lenses and they finally relented. I’ve been wearing them since 8th grade and prefer them to those dreaded glasses. However, I soon discovered that in order to fill my prescription, I had to renew it annually and consequetially pay the price of another eye exam. I quickly learned to keep an eye on the calendar and buy another year’s worth of contacts just before my prescription expired. In this way, I was able to space my eye exams to be every two years instead of one.

Now, being the frugal person that I am, I attempted to wear my lenses past the recommended time frame of one month. However, I soon realized that this was not actually worth the savings. I had a friend who actually messed up her eyes by attempting this practice. If you are trying to be a frugal contact wearer, don’t fall into the trap of wearing your contacts longer than is recommended. It really is not worth it in the long run.


One of the best ways to save money on contacts is to buy online. At, you can find savings of up to 70% off retail prices. My favorite brand is Acuvue and by purchasing online, I don’t have to sacrifice my favorite brand in order to save money. I recently decided to purchase a less expensive type of contact lenses just to save a little more money, but at, I am able to get the nicer lenses at the same cost I was paying for the cheaper brand. There is also free shipping available on orders over $75. Another great thing about ordering at is that if there is a rebate offer on the lenses you purchase, the rebate information is sent with your order. You don’t have to research any further than your package to find out if there are any additional savings possible!

Ordering online is both simple and convenient. At you can either order online or over the phone. While browsing their site, I found that they make their contact information very visible so you won’t be frustrated trying to search for a phone number or email address. The “Help” section of the site is also very thorough and easy to find. They accept many forms of payment and make the overall ordering process as easy as possible. I’ve never found an easier way to save money on a product I use every day!

So to all frugal contact wearers, consider these tips on saving money on contact lenses and be sure to check out online ordering. It’s been a wonderful resource for me and I hope it helps you as well.

If Muppet Love is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna be Right

My son had his self-proclaimed BruthaFromAnothaMutha over for a play date yesterday. They had wand fights a la Harry Potter, defiled my daughter’s Barbies, made potions out of dish soap and recreated the Death Star out of Legos—all within an hour of his arrival.

The Serb has been battling a cold that would, according to him, kill a lesser man, so I decided to take the boys to the movies. My reasons were completely selfish: I love the Muppets and was itching for an excuse to see their new movie.

I’ve recently showed my kids Swedish Chef videos online and “Mahna Mahna” has become a weird call-and-response theme song for my family:

Me (in the kitchen, under my breath): “Mahna Mahna.” My four-year-old daughter (yelling from her bedroom): “Do Dooo Do Do Do.”

Luckily, the mom of my son’s friend is a SistahFromAnothaMistah and she joined us at the theatre. Armed with twenty dollars’ worth of confectionary goodness, my friend and I settled into seats behind our sons (this is as close as eight-years-old boys will get to their mommies in public…until it’s time to go pee).

The movie was as delightful as expected—most of the jokes flew right over the kids’ heads and had the parents giggling like fools. We came home and my son begged me to show him “Mahna Mahna” on YouTube, so I Googled the song without the “Muppets” qualifier.

The result? Porn.

“Mahna Mahna” was written by some Italian dude in the 60s for a soft-core porn movie that takes place in Sweden. It’s more “Benny Hill” than “Debbie Does Dallas”, but I’m still bummed that my favourite Muppets’ song is now as defiled as my daughter’s Barbie.

I blame the Swedish Chef: those fingers are too pervy for PBS.

Mother on a Mission