Dealing with Discount Codes Released by CheaperThanDirt

Being a “military mama & wife” has put me in the situations where I had to be face to face with guns. Either we are talking about the fact that my husband was in military service since all I can remember or that he has a “firearm addiction” and I had no other choice than be in close contact with gun-related products, regardless of the case I had to put up with them no matter what. I thought: “This post would fit nicely into my blog!”

If I remember correctly, my husband had a thing for CheaperThanDirt once. Not anymore because now he`s getting his guns and ammo from other brands, but at one point he was only dealing with CTD. So today I want to talk to you about discount codes released by CheaperThanDirt.

Cheaper Than Dirt Related Info

Until the ending of 2012, CTD was in front of all the other companies when dealing with selling of guns and other related items. I know this because everywhere I looked were magazines and flyers from them all over the house. My husband told me that he stopped using their services because they close suspended in December 2012. I`m not sure about the reasons – something to do about with being overwhelmed with all the sales coming up, but I know for a fact that they are still in the business.

About the CTD Discount Codes

These online codes released by Cheaper Than Dirt are marketing methods that the brand is using the keep the customers interested at all times. Every other week or month, the company is releasing new discount codes on various coupon-related sites where users can go and copy/paste them for later usage. The entire process is quite easy and successfully replaces the old-fashioned coupons.

Some of the most popular resources that you can find online in terms of coupon codes released by CheaperThanDirt are DealScience, PromoCodeLand, CTDPromoCodes and DontPayFull. Check below to use some of the greatest discount code deals available today:

Special – Buy One, Get One Free Armorer Course – this deal is available on DealScience;

Military Surplus Bargains – 55% Off Retail – this deal is available on Giving Assistant;

Rebate $50 Mail-In Rebate 1911 Models – this deal is available on DealScience;

$10 Off on Your Total Purchase – this deal is available on DontPayFull;

CloseOut Bargains – Up to 80% Off – this deal is available on Giving Assistant;

Weatherby PA-08 Threat Response Shotgun for just $295 – this deal is available on DealSience.


Tips to Avoid Fake Codes

As in everything, fraud can be found when it comes to CTD online codes as well. There are a number of details that can guide you into knowing which are the “good” codes and which are not.

Checking the BarCode – Not many people know this, but a coupon code that doesn`t include a barcode is almost 99% fake. The fact that a barcode is included on the code is part of the marketing strategies of the company. This way CTD knows what codes are being used or where. They also know which products sell better and which don`t. If your code doesn`t include a barcode, it`s best to stay away and keep looking.

Expiration Dates Exist for a Reason – As in life, all good things don`t last. You might be happy to find a code without an expiration date thinking you could always use it later again, but no good coupon deal last forever. Check for the date of expiration somewhere below the code and see how much time you have until it will become unavailable.

Unreliable Online Resources – Don`t just go and get your code from the first site you see. CheaperThanDirt used to be a very popular brand (not anymore since 2012), so they won`t deal with just any third-party site out there. When you find a website that offers CheaperThanDirt discount codes, don`t be impatient. Stay a while, take a closer look. How many codes it offers? Are the deals any good? Are they unrealistic? All this can be important points to consider whenever dealing with a coupon site.

What Do You Think?

What do you think after reading this article? Are CTD discount codes worth the trouble? My husband used to think so, but now he turned to other companies. He lost confidence in them somehow. But I see many other people are still using CheaperThanDirt when buying guns and military items. So, I don`t know! Maybe they are still worth it after all.

Being Frugal for Contact Wearers

contact-lensWhen I was 5 years old, I was given my first pair of glasses and have worn corrective lenses ever since. From kindergarten till 8th grade I wore large framed glasses – you remember the type; the ones that covered half of the face and garnered pity from everyone around. I dearly love my mother, but looking back at my pictures from those days makes me seriously wonder what she was thinking to allow me to wear such glasses. She insists they were cute, but I know better.

Anyway, I begged my parents to allow me to wear contact lenses and they finally relented. I’ve been wearing them since 8th grade and prefer them to those dreaded glasses. However, I soon discovered that in order to fill my prescription, I had to renew it annually and consequetially pay the price of another eye exam. I quickly learned to keep an eye on the calendar and buy another year’s worth of contacts just before my prescription expired. In this way, I was able to space my eye exams to be every two years instead of one.

Now, being the frugal person that I am, I attempted to wear my lenses past the recommended time frame of one month. However, I soon realized that this was not actually worth the savings. I had a friend who actually messed up her eyes by attempting this practice. If you are trying to be a frugal contact wearer, don’t fall into the trap of wearing your contacts longer than is recommended. It really is not worth it in the long run.


One of the best ways to save money on contacts is to buy online. At, you can find savings of up to 70% off retail prices. My favorite brand is Acuvue and by purchasing online, I don’t have to sacrifice my favorite brand in order to save money. I recently decided to purchase a less expensive type of contact lenses just to save a little more money, but at, I am able to get the nicer lenses at the same cost I was paying for the cheaper brand. There is also free shipping available on orders over $75. Another great thing about ordering at is that if there is a rebate offer on the lenses you purchase, the rebate information is sent with your order. You don’t have to research any further than your package to find out if there are any additional savings possible!

Ordering online is both simple and convenient. At you can either order online or over the phone. While browsing their site, I found that they make their contact information very visible so you won’t be frustrated trying to search for a phone number or email address. The “Help” section of the site is also very thorough and easy to find. They accept many forms of payment and make the overall ordering process as easy as possible. I’ve never found an easier way to save money on a product I use every day!

So to all frugal contact wearers, consider these tips on saving money on contact lenses and be sure to check out online ordering. It’s been a wonderful resource for me and I hope it helps you as well.

If Muppet Love is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna be Right

My son had his self-proclaimed BruthaFromAnothaMutha over for a play date yesterday. They had wand fights a la Harry Potter, defiled my daughter’s Barbies, made potions out of dish soap and recreated the Death Star out of Legos—all within an hour of his arrival.

The Serb has been battling a cold that would, according to him, kill a lesser man, so I decided to take the boys to the movies. My reasons were completely selfish: I love the Muppets and was itching for an excuse to see their new movie.

I’ve recently showed my kids Swedish Chef videos online and “Mahna Mahna” has become a weird call-and-response theme song for my family:

Me (in the kitchen, under my breath): “Mahna Mahna.” My four-year-old daughter (yelling from her bedroom): “Do Dooo Do Do Do.”

Luckily, the mom of my son’s friend is a SistahFromAnothaMistah and she joined us at the theatre. Armed with twenty dollars’ worth of confectionary goodness, my friend and I settled into seats behind our sons (this is as close as eight-years-old boys will get to their mommies in public…until it’s time to go pee).

The movie was as delightful as expected—most of the jokes flew right over the kids’ heads and had the parents giggling like fools. We came home and my son begged me to show him “Mahna Mahna” on YouTube, so I Googled the song without the “Muppets” qualifier.

The result? Porn.

“Mahna Mahna” was written by some Italian dude in the 60s for a soft-core porn movie that takes place in Sweden. It’s more “Benny Hill” than “Debbie Does Dallas”, but I’m still bummed that my favourite Muppets’ song is now as defiled as my daughter’s Barbie.

I blame the Swedish Chef: those fingers are too pervy for PBS.

mOmma Rocking Cup and Soft Spoon Review


Ya know, it’s so much fun to walk into a room and see heads turn as they look at the cool green cup in Kara’s hands.

Recently, through Family Review Network I received the mOmma Rocking Cup with straw and was immediately impressed with the unique design. So is everyone else that has seen it. It is quite impressive looking and I’m always getting questions about how well it works compared to a normal sippy cup.

It took Kara a little while to learn that she did not have to tilt this cup back like her other cups. Every time she would tilt it, the liquid would be moved away from the straw end and she would get frustrated not being able to get a drink. Once she figured it out, (after about a week of intermittent use) she decided that she loves drinking out of this cup.

She hasn’t quite figured out how to open and close the lid on her own yet. It will be good for her motor skills when she does figure it out. I like how the straw can be tucked away by twisting the lid shut. It makes for clean storage in my diaper bag without having to worry about losing any cap.


I actually was disappointed though to discover that my cup does have minor leaking issues. As long as I store the cup upright, it is safe. However, it’s round design lends itself to twist around in my bag and I have often ended up with a small amount of moisture at the bottom of my diaper bag.

I loved the round, ergonomic design at first, but I have found that the round cup is easy to tip over and Kara’s motor skills often leave the cup lying on it’s side (which leads to more leaking).

My favorite part about the cup is the straw. Kara loves drinking out of mommy and daddy’s straws when we go out to eat. Using a straw is also good for her tongue and mouth development. This cup has easily become her favorite to use.

I like how much it can hold without having to be filled up as often. I also like that it is dishwasher safe. That is very important to me as a busy mom.

I would love to see the slight leaking issues with this cup fixed. Other than that, it’s a wonderful cup that is both functional and fashionable. I think Kara even knows how cute she is using her cool, new mOmma cup.

Another great product from mOmma that I had the opportunity to test was the mOmma Soft Spoon. This spoon is unlike any other I’ve ever used. It’s another head-turning design that Kara and I love.

I discovered that this spoon is a great starter spoon for teaching Kara to self feed. Since the spoon is designed so that can stand upright on it’s own, I would dip the tip in applesauce and stand it up in front of Kara. She would grab the spoon and eat the applesauce off of it and hand it back. It was a fun game for her and I was excited to see her starting to feed herself. Since the base of the spoon is round, it is easy for her little hands to grasp.

I also liked that the spoon comes with a cap. This makes it a great spoon for transporting in a sanitary way when I am on-the-go.

The only thing I disliked about this spoon is that the mouth is just a little too wide. I would have preferred a narrower mouth piece that would be easier for Kara to fit in her mouth. I also found that the white tip stained quite easily with spaghetti sauce. I think most spoons stain like that but it’s something that I would love to see prevented in future models.


One thing that I love about mOmma products is that the entire line has a unique design that looks great when used together. You can purchase different lids for the rocking cup to turn it from a straw cup into a bottle and a sippy cup!

You can also purchase the complete line of feeding products with the rocking plate, spoon, and fork!

Check out the full line of mOmma products and let me know what you think!

The Fancy Pants Restaurant Rebuttal

After sharing my disastrous dining experience a while ago, many people urged me to immediately reveal the name of the Fancy Pants Restaurant that done me wrong. I resisted—not because I’m a classy dame who takes the high road, but because I was hoping for some restitution in the form of a free meal.

The day after I sent that letter (minus the subtext), I received the following reply:

Hi Lori,

This email just came to my attention. I apologize sincerely for the unsatisfactory dinner experience you had at my restaurant. Please provide me with detail as to the date you had dined here, who your waiter was (if you do not know the name, please describe him or her), and also who had paid for the dinner. I will get the situation straightened out and follow up with you with a personal phone call!

Ms. Fancy Pants Restaurant Owner

Obviously I was thrilled with such a prompt and promising response. Then I realized I would have to speak to her, which I wasn’t so keen to do. My best work is done with a laptop as my buffer. Talking often leads to inadvertent Canadian politeness that could diminish the impact of my grievances.

Thankfully the Serb saved the day by pissing me off (who needs 9 jackets in the hall closet?!?) right before the owner called me and I had an appropriate edge to my voice. The owner kindly offered a complimentary meal for me and a guest on a night of my choosing—all I would need to do is phone in advance and speak to the manager.

I hung up quite pleased with myself; a feeling that lasted for all of three minutes, until I began imagining how it would feel to show up at the Fancy Pants Restaurant with every employee knowing that I had complained. What if someone spits in my soup? Or wipes my fork in their armpit? Or worse?*

Herein lies my conundrum: do I risk the wrath of wait staff for a free meal? What do you think? Should I walk in there with my head held high and demand some decent food without the attitude, or should I take the apology as my prize and forget about the meal? I know I’ve done a lot more for a lot less in my time…

*The Serb has worked at FPRs all over the world and he assures me that yes, worse things could easily happen.


Mother on a Mission